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Our Chiropractors

Dr. David Lourey
Interests : Surfing, mountain biking, running

David graduated from Macquarie University with a Masters of Chiropractic in 1997. Throughout his twenty-year career he has used Chiropractic to enhance people’s well-being from all walks of life, ranging from families and individuals through to elite athletes at an Olympic level.

David is passionate about returning people’s bodies to optimum performance in as little a timeframe as possible. A fantastic listener and competent adjuster, skilled in numerous techniques, he will use the best methods based on your presenting condition.

David is a calm and caring practitioner. His experience as a keen all-round sportsman (former state level) and a father of three school-aged children, with one son in the Australian Ballet School and another representing the Emerging Jets soccer, he is able to advise on best practice to avoid injury and remain in optimal physical condition.

Natalie Crozier
Interests : Cross-Fit, nutrition, outdoor activites and family

Natalie has always enjoyed an active, healthy lifestyle and regularly participated in team sports, running and resistance training. After suffering a whiplash injury in her late teens, Natalie struggled with her recovery until she discovered the importance of having a properly functioning nervous system via chiropractic care. With this, her passion for Chiropractic and helping others feel, move and grow at their optimal level was born. Natalie graduated from her Chiropractic Studies in 2004 and focuses on improving the health of families from newborns to grandparents with gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care.

Dr. Tony Mustac
Interests : Family and Chiropractic care

Tony has been a chiropractor for 19 years and in that time has seen patients present with a wide range of complaints. Tony utilises a wide range of techniques including kinesiology, to augment his capacity to help as many people as possible.
If you are unsure whether chiropractic care will help you, Tony can offer you a clear explanation of what chiropractic is, how it works and how it may be able to help you or your loved ones.

Dr. Oystien Kasa
Interests :

Dr Oystien Kasa believes in a holistic approach to healthcare – in that nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude are all integral parts of achieving optimal health. He also recognises that chiropractic is about much more than alleviating a sore back – chiropractic treatment can help improve your health, well being and ultimately your lifestyle.

Dr Kasa completed his training with the Carrick Institute in 2017 to be one of the few Australian chiropractors to hold the qualification of Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurology Board after extensive training in functional neurology and chiropractic neuro rehabilitation.

  • Bachelor of Chiropratic Science – 2010
  • Master of Chiropractic Science – 2010
  • Exercise and Sport Science – 2007