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Yoga Guide
Interests : Yoga, animals, family and chocolate 😉

Sally has been teaching yoga to a wide range of people from all walks of life. From emergency service personnel, first grade soccer players, school children and physically challenged individuals, her positive attitude and personal approach to yoga have helped many achieve more than they thought possible.

Jim Yoga_Pic
Yoga Guide
Interests : Yoga and humanity
Jim is a certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher, he has trained under a number of world renowned yoga teachers both in Australia and Overseas. In addition to the small group adaptive classes at Triggerpoint, Jim provides private yoga therapy sessions for Triggerpoint clients.
Jim’s yoga therapy training is supported by his experience in providing ongoing therapy based yoga to Toronto Private Hospital, Flourish Australia (mental health and wellness centre), Soul Cafe (for the homeless and needy) as well as other community groups.
Although relatively new in Australia, Yoga Therapy, is quickly becoming an accepted modality for managing physical and mental health. It is widely accepted in the USA where in addition to private clinics, there are resident yoga therapists in a number of hospitals and within the department of defence.