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Triggerpoint Health brings together a large number of experienced practitioners. Their combined knowledge and training offer a unique mix of conventional and alternative methods for treatment for a variety of common issues that people present at our centre.

The following sections offer a brief description for some of the techniques used and our practitioners will discuss in detail any possible treatment options to address your needs.

Please note : To keep in line with association guidelines, any one under 18 years of age receiving treatment is required to have a legal guardian give informed consent and be present throughout the treatment.

A chiropractor’s primary aim is to improve the functioning of the human body by reducing any nerve interference that is caused by misalignment of the spine or elsewhere within the body. These areas of nerve interference are referred to as subluxations and are specific sites of neurological compromise that are unique to you. They are commonly the result of stress; either physical, emotional or even chemical. Chances are this stress has either been building up silently for a while (ie. poor sitting posture) or has happened as a result of something dramatic (ie. a slip or a fall).

Chiropractic, a great drug free, non surgical approach to health. Chiropractors have the tools to assess all facets of how the body functions, especially the musculoskeletal system

Remedial Massage therapy aims to release your aches and pains caused by the chronic build up of tension in the body. Our Newcastle massage therapists use deep slow strokes and triggerpoint therapy on the contracted areas by following or crossing the muscle fibers, tendons and fascia.
Regular therapy helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue and is designed to relieve short and long term soft tissue injuries where there is pain or loss of movement.

Shiatsu is a form of dynamic body work that originated in Japan and is based on the principles of Chinese medicine. The treatment involves combined massage techniques and applying pressure to particular acupoints of the body. Focusing on the meridians of the body to remove blockages or nourish the system, Shiatsu promotes the smooth movement of energy (*Chi/Qi/Ki*). By working with the meridians and Accupoints Shiatsu is a powerful tool for relaxing the Body, Mind and Spirit. Appointments are available on Thursdays from 11am.

Please check with your health fund regarding rebates. HICAPS claims are not available.

Dry needling, also known as myofascial trigger point dry needling, is the use of either solid filiform needles (also referred to as acupuncture needles) or hollow-core hypodermic needles for therapy of muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome. Dry needling is sometimes also known as intramuscular stimulation (IMS). Acupuncture is a broad category of needling practices with solid filiform needles. Modern acupuncture notably includes both traditional and Western medical acupuncture; dry needling is arguably one subcategory of western medical acupuncture.